Pro Dignity - No support for human rights violationsPRO
No support for human rights violations

Pro Dignity - No support for human rights violations

Every one of us, who does not rely on complete self-sufficiency, consumes goods and services provided by others. By paying for goods or services, one inevitably supports the practices of those involved in their production and trade.

The Pro Dignity project is based on the conviction that every one of us has the right to decide not to support the violation of human rights or the pollution of our environment.

For example: When buying a mobile phone, one should be free to decide not to buy it from a company whose suppliers directly support groups involved in mass-rape, massacres and the abuse of children as child soldiers.

Free choice requires reliable information. Pro Dignity collects, verifies and publishes information that reveals which companies are involved in the violation of human dignity,
and which are not.


How does it work?

Pro Dignity is a decentralized, non-profit information network.

Our approach comprises three steps:

  1. Building an easily accessible database of companies involved in the violation of human dignity

    Any person in the world can submit complaints against involved in such practices - directly through the internet

    All complaints are checked and verified in collaboration with established organisations, public institutions and experienced lawyers

  2. Informing the public with up to date, reliable evidence on gross violations of human dignity through active media campaigns

  3. Providing a Pro Dignity label for which any company can apply, if it can prove that it does not support the systematic violation of human dignity


How is it funded?

Pro Dignity relies on two sources of funding:

  1. Donations of money, materials and services
  2. The fees paid by the companies using our label

As non profit organisation, Pro Dignity will use all money raised for its three major activities:

  1. Collecting and pooling information

  2. Verifying its reliability

  3. Providing reliable information to the public 


For all those sceptical about the use of the term “human dignity”

We are aware of the philosophical difficulties related to this term. We don’t seek to define it and we don’t want to prescribe anybody what understanding she or he should have of it.

However, we believe that all human beings share the capacity to feel that their own dignity might be violated. It is exactly these violations which we aim to reduce.

We also believe that for many people it is part of their own dignity not to support the violation of the dignity of others. Therefore it is our goal to provide the information one needs to be sure that one does not do so involuntarily.

For measuring the violation of human dignity, Pro Dignity relies on internationally recognized standards.


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