Pro Dignity - No support for human rights violationsPRO
No support for human rights violations

Supporting human rights through consumer empowerment

Consumers have enormous power. In the end it is them who decide which company is successful and which is not, which business strategy works out and which not – in short, its them who decide what the world's companies can do and what not. What they lack to make use of this power is information. No single person in the world has the time and means to overlook all impacts of her consumption.

We believe that most people in the world do not want to support the violation of human dignity. However, as soon as we consume goods and services by others, we are endangered to do so. Up to now there was almost no way to avoid this cynical trap. Pro Dignity wants to change this.


Companies try to influence the behaviour of consumers through advertisement

Pro Dignity
empowers consumers to change the behaviour of companies -
through their own free choice


Consumer empowerment as a means to change the rules of the game

If you want so, you could say that Pro Dignity seeks to reverse the negative effects of capitalism and the free market economy - by their own means. Instead of setting incentives for exploitation and ruthless competition, we seek to set incentives for respect to human dignity and social responsibility. Pro Dignity does not seek to do this by coercion, but by facilitating free choice for consumers.


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