Pro Dignity - No support for human rights violationsPRO
No support for human rights violations

What makes Pro Dignity a unique project?

There are many established and important organisations observing human rights violations, controlling private businesses and providing information on the practices of international corporations.

However, the Pro Dignity project differs from all existing organisations in five important points:

  1. Pro Dignity is not an organisation, but a completely decentralized network allowing everybody from everywhere to join, contribute and provide information.

  2. Centralizing information - diversifying control. Pro Dignity collects relevant information and makes it easily accessible. But it will not set up own capacities for its verification. Instead, it relies on a decentralized, corruption-proof network of organisations and professionals specialized in this field.

  3. The essential goal of Pro Dignity is supporting human rights through consumer empowerment. We, as members of the worlds civil societies, seek to enable ourselves to free choice - knowing about the consequences of our actions.

  4. To facilitate this empowerment, Pro Dignity seeks to establish a simple but effective tool for communication between consumers and producers: The Pro Dignity label.

  5. Pro Dignity is financed by the private companies themselves, making use of their interest in showing their respect for human dignity to consumers and partners.



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